Utilizing an extensive background in food service equipment technology, product development and movement, Applied Culinary removes the operations burden associated with maintaining in-house expertise allowing the operator to focus on creating a successful business management model.


To achieve the operator’s goal one must start with a clear understanding of the client’s vision. Applied will perform a comprehensive evaluation by focusing attention on current procedures, product flow, fire power and challenges associated with volume, throughput, product consistency and space planning. The data gathered will determine the project’s scope of work and time frame associated for delivering a finished system ready for implementation.


Menu Development begins with the cuisine style and dish selection. Applied will first identify menu items by meal category and the components associated with each item carrying the process through plate presentation. Regardless of what stage of recipe development, Applied works collaboratively to create the ideal menu that embodies the spirit of each client’s brand.

recipe & procedure DEVELOPMENT

Once the menu style has been determined, Applied will begin the creative process of developing signature recipes and procedures for each menu item. This process includes working with local food purveyors, farms etc. and incorporates cutting and training intervals to ensure that each recipe is cultivated and fine-tuned to meet the project criteria and operator expectations.

Equipment Adaption

Equipment Adaptation is where technology meets the table. After recipe development is complete, Applied will incorporate current cooking technologies to the menu. This forward approach delivers operation efficiencies realized through; product consistency, increased productivity, labor utilization, cost of ownership and space allocation.


The study of motion. “A science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely.” Applied takes ergonomics into the kitchen to maximize the efficiencies of the work space. Referred to as “truck to table,” Applied will incorporate processes that encompass product handling from receiving to prep, staging (mise en place) and plating to enhance the operational workplace.

System Implementation

Applied Culinary believes in the importance of execution and that both the operator and staff are confident with equipment operation and cooking procedures. To ensure the business is a success Applied’s A La Carte training team will join the operator and their staff for in-depth training. Regardless of the level of staff culinary knowledge, operators can rest assured knowing their team will receive comprehensive training for the processes and technologies developed.



Established in 1992, Unisource has been committed to maintaining the highest level of professional integrity by providing value added support services to the Commercial Foodservice Industry to ensure security of purchase for the brands that they represent.


Never content to rest on their laurels, CBI strives to continuously improve upon and innovate their brands and services. This commitment  to excellence has served their customers for more than 90 years, and continues to serve as an industry standard for success.


HKD was established in April 2005 to provide the highest quality commercial kitchen design in the industry. HKD’s foundation stems from back of the house operations making them one of Florida’s premier commercial kitchen design firms with projects throughout the US.


Cini-Little offers a wide variety of design services from master planning to equipment contractor negotiations. Their experience in all areas of foodservice operation and design enables them to bring creative solutions to your team.

Heritage Service Group

Heritage Service Group has been repairing cooking and refrigeration equipment since 1979. Heritage relies on an exceptional knowledge base, vast inventory, and technical innovations to supply the results customers need to get their kitchens back up and running as quickly as possible.