Applied Culinary is a team created of commercial foodservice professionals with a passion for innovation, consistency, and operational efficiencies. Applied Culinary was established to fill a gap in the foodservice application segment providing effective development techniques and consulting services for all facets of foodservice establishments. With over 55 years of combined experience in the foodservice industry, Applied’s team has developed a successful process, translating operators passions into reality.




Bringing over 30 years of food service experience in both operations and equipment specialization, Michael’s vision to address the challenges associated with skilled culinary labor retention has been realized by offering a vehicle that combines both operational expertise with equipment technologies to relieve the burdens associated with maintaining high level staff and allowing the operator to focus attention on their business development.

As a co-founder of Unisource Marketing Group, a Florida based representative firm established in 1992, Michael has successfully combined industry experience with emerging talent to create a value added support model recognized by their manufacture partners. Unisource’s portfolio encompasses brands specializing in education, service, culinary, and the latest equipment technologies.

A graduate from the University of Oregon, Michael is a single father of two children, both of whom are currently pursuing education and careers related to the foodservice industry.



Chef Martine carries a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University and a Degree in Culinary Arts from the San Diego Culinary Institute. Honors include; Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales University and Top of Class from the San Diego Culinary Institute.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Chef Martine is fluent in four languages: French, Creole, English and Spanish. Having a multi-cultural heritage of Italian, French and African has proven advantageous when communicating on a global culinary level. Incorporating her Caribbean heritage and classical French training, Chef Martine brings a unique style to Applied’s culinary team. She offers a wealth of knowledge to all segments of foodservice operators and entrepreneurs.



As Applied Culinary’s Operation Manager, Jamie engages with business operators to realize their vision and grow their professional brands. Having spent over 15 years in the food service industry working across multiple channels, Jamie understands the value that interpersonal connection and communication brings to the equation for achieving efficient growth with all business models.

Originally from St.Louis, Missouri, Jamie’s Midwestern upbringing has deeply influenced the commitment she brings to her work. By utilizing her business and marketing education combined with her extensive background in food service, she has worked her way up the operation channels to more senior roles. Her experience, diligence, and willing to take initiative have earned her a reputation for tackling challenges swiftly and successfully.