Add a flair of professional finesse to your culinary creations with the Pacojet 4 and elevate every meal to a masterpiece.

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Applied Culinary not only takes pride in being a US distributor for
the innovative Pacojet 4, but as a resource ensuring our clients have access to everything they need to succeed with Pacojet. With over 80,000 satisfied customers worldwide and 30 years of market leadership, Pacojet’s success story continues with the highly anticipated Pacojet 4. Our unwavering goal is to empower professional chefs with a versatile cooking system that allows them to fully express their creativity, enhance efficiency, and support sustainable ingredient use.

Pacojet 4: Unleashing Culinary Creativity with Swiss Precision

What is a Pacojet?
Meet the Pacojet 4, designed specifically to cater to your kitchen needs promising exceptional outcomes with unparalleled productivity. It introduces intelligent features that make the device easier and safer to use, allowing for seamless workflow standardization. With precision technology adhering to the highest quality standards, you are guaranteed excellence in every use.

What is Pacotizing®? — a distinctive technique for transforming fresh, deep-frozen foods into ultra-fine textures without the need for thawing. 
Regardless of what you plan to create, the Pacojet requires only three simple steps. This pioneering Pacotizing® technology assures top-grade results, optimizing your kitchen time and effort. Experience the convenience and excellence of Pacojet 4 today!

New, innovative features for an efficient pacotizing® experience

Prepare and fill:

Prepare fresh ingredients into pieces and add liquid

Freeze and store:

Freeze for a minimum of 24 hours at -4°F or lower

Pacotize Individual Portions

Serve the required portions, and refreeze the unused portions

Master Pacotizing: Your Guide to Excellence in 3 Easy Steps.

Markets we support

Fine Dining

Upscale restaurants focus on the smallest details, from premium ingredients and sophisticated decor to a curated ambiance catering to guests seeking a luxurious and memorable culinary adventure. The Pacojet 4 is a must-have for fine dining establishments.


Healthcare catering services are crucial for meeting the clinical and nutritional requirements of patients by offering acceptable meals. The Pacojet helps reduce waste while enhancing the nutritional and sensory quality for patients.

Restaurants & Catering

For restaurants & catering services, success lies in delivering unforgettable meals that cater to a variety of tastes…


Café’s serve as a community hub where people gather for comfort, conversation and a cup of something special.…


Bars and lounges are the heart of nightlife offering a space where creativity and flavor converge in every…


The vegan market demands innovation and quality without compromise. The Pacojet 4 empowers chefs, to explore the vast…


Our videos give you important instructions on pacotizing® in a short and condensed format.

Our tutorial section is your gateway to mastering the Pacojet system, a revolutionary kitchen appliance that transforms the…

Proud Sponsor of Culinary Excellence at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024

Pacojet takes center stage as the proud sponsor of the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024 in Stuttgart, celebrating the unity…

Culinary Mastery on a Global Stage: The Pacojet Challenge 2024

Discover the pinnacle of culinary innovation with the Pacojet Challenge 2024. Chefs from across the globe will battle…



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